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Alberto Taibo Piñeiro


Director/Filmmaker / Montage. Editor / Script

City: León

Province: León

Contact details:

Alberto Taibo Piñeiro

+34 670 386 543


Languages spoken: Español, Inglés

Other languages served: Gallego

An audiovisual director, trained as an Engineer, he is also a professor at the Legio VII Secondary Education Institute in León. For years he has been developing audiovisual projects in the cinematographic and educational fields. He focuses his projects towards a particular vision based on original scripts where he integrates provocative elements to play between fiction and non-fiction, past and present. He creates situations and generates materials in various formats that contrast with reality. He uses different forms of interpretation and representation to bring us closer to a more everyday, truer reality. In particular, with the appearance of a documentary, he is interested in representing fiction in cinematographic construction. As a teacher, he uses audiovisual tools to develop projects integrating this area into the classroom. He has directed Audiovisual Projects financed by the Government of Castilla y León, among which are: Audiovisuals in education (2010); From Cinema to Video (2008); Programmed dishwasher: planning, execution and teaching material in video format (2007). He has been awarded for his audiovisual projects by the Ministry of Education and the Government of Castilla y León: Ecolenteja; Video notes. Audiovisual in Education; Sahagún productions: 9 poems, scenes and dare to read; Programmed dishwasher. Likewise, he has participated and has been received awards in national and international film festivals. Since its creation, it has actively participated in the MUSAC Dialogue Group on Contemporary Cinema. He has just completed “La Central”, a documentary film about the dismantling of the La Robla Thermal Power Plant.