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Castilla y León Film Commission » FILMOGRAPHY » 12 de July de 2023
Film in Castilla y León


Castilla y León is a land with a cinematographic vocation and has traditionally been the scene of numerous productions,ranging from the historical genre, suspense or advertising productions, thanks to the variety of its locations and the predisposition of its institutions to help professionals who wish to carry out their productions in this Community.

The film productions shot in Castilla y León reached its period of greatest effusiveness and glamour between 1954 and 1980. These films turned the Community into a scenario that made it possible to develop any fiction set in any era or country (France, Russia, Greece, Sicily, the Wild West, ancient Rome, colonial China, barbarian Germany, etc.). This was made possible by the contrasts of the landscape, the long sunny days, the marked seasons and the existence of historical monuments belonging to very different styles.

Filmed in Castilla y León…

Filtro de filmografias

ALLÍ (Café Quijano)

Juan Marigorta Morante
Adrián Silvestre
Roberto Girault
Pablo García Sanz
Daniel Benmayor
Roberto Bodegas
Isabel Medarde
Teresa García Montes, Isabel Medarde
César Fernández Ardavín
Raquel Balbuena, Áurea González, Chus Domínguez, Belén Sola, Conchi Unanue, Cristina Turrado, Mercedes Ordás
Miguel Conde, Javier Pulido, Eva Bermúdez, Alberto Pernet, David Paricio Burtin, Carlos Navarro Ballesteros
Víctor Erice