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Dirección General de Políticas Culturales
Consejería de Cultura, Turismo y Deporte
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Birikú Sistema


Production services. Editing and montage / Production services. Special effects

City: Valladolid

Province: Valladolid

Contact details:

Alberto Marcos Cabero

+34 673 591 616


Languages spoken: Español, Inglés

Birikú Sistema is a creative audiovisual studio founded by Alberto Marcos Cabero located in Valladolid since 2013.

“My work focuses on the use of technology as a form of expression to create VJing and Live Cinema projects, videomapping, reactive and immersive installations, interactive sets, motion graphics in general or musical design and production.

I experiment with all types of media and formats in a perpetual search for new languages of creative expression. I use free and open source software and hardware tools, and I defend the philosophy of free culture as the basis of creation, as well as DIY (do it yourself) and DIWO (do it with others). For me it is essential to collaborate with people and groups from different fields of creativity to generate more enriching multidisciplinary projects.”