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Isabel Medarde


Director/Filmmaker / Producer. Film producer / Production. Production director

City: León

Province: León

Contact details:

Isabel Medarde

+34 616 001 546

Languages spoken: Español, Inglés

I am a film and video producer and director. My specialties are: producer, director, co-writer and director/production manager.

My main job at Bambara Zinema is to lead the teams responsible for creation: from development, through pre-production, production and post-production.

In 2008 I created Bambara Zinema production company and in 2010, together with Sergio González, we created the Bambara Laboratory to research and experiment in various techniques such as timelapse and stopmotion animation applied to creative content.

After the pandemic and finishing my first fiction feature film, my life took a turn and I began to be interested in executive production, which led me to take the Master of Executive Production of Film and Series at ECAM 2021/22 and a little later the Master of Executive Production of Audiovisual Content at The Core School from 2022-present. At a training and experiential level, they have been one of the best experiences of my career, as they have helped me understand the creative processes and how the industry works in a much more professional and realistic way.

In recent years, my personal evolution as a creator has taken me along the paths of hybrid cinema and the margins between fiction and non-fiction, cinema, music and poetry and with a focus on anthropological research.

My goal in the world of cinema and audiovisual is to produce and carry out quality, innovative projects, with their own voice and that leave a memory of the time in which we live.