Contact: Kristine Guzmán

983 376 405 ext. 224

Dirección General de Políticas Culturales
Consejería de Cultura, Turismo y Deporte
Avda. del Real Valladolid, s/n
47014 Valladolid

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Spain Fixer


Artistic and literary creation / Drone Operator / Other producers / Press and Communication / Producer. Advertising producer / Producer. Film producer / Producer. TV producer / Production services. Air Services / Production services. Editing and montage / Production services. Locations / Production services. Post-production / Production services. Production vehicles / Production services. Translation / Production services. Vehicle rental

City: Muñogalindo, Ávila

Province: Ávila

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Enrique Nardiz

+34 650 509 184

Languages spoken: Español, French, Inglés

We are a boutique production company made up of fixers in Spain who take care of each production as if it were ours.

Independent. Creative. And very committed to a profession that we love.

We offer Fixer services in Spain and we are specialized in collaborating with production companies interested in recording documentaries and news in Spain.