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Stellarum Films – Contracorriente Producciones SLU


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City: Ciudad Rodrigo

Province: Salamanca

Contact details:

María Esparcia

+34 923 064 687

Languages spoken: Español, Inglés

Stellarum Films is the cinematographic brand of the company Contracorriente Producciones SLU, established in 2006 in Ciudad Rodrigo, southwest of the province of Salamanca.

Throughout these years it has carried out its activity with diligence and professionalism, carrying out productions of various kinds, specializing in historical productions. More than a hundred professionals from the sector have accompanied us from the beginning, joining the great Stellarum family, an ambitious and exciting professional and human project.

Why in Ciudad Rodrigo? Many of the professionals that make up the Stellarum Films team are natives of this beautiful land. Unfortunately, it has a disadvantage in terms of infrastructure and is immersed, like many other regions of the so-called “Empty Spain”, in a trend of severe loss of critical population mass. Many young people are forced to emigrate in order to dedicate themselves to their profession. The Contracorriente Producciones / Stellarum Films project aims to demonstrate that it is possible to make films in an area far from the traditional production centers, offering quality services, and incredible sets, scenarios and possibilities.

We believe that a different way of making films is possible, of making other types of content, and at the end of the day, of generating opportunities for many professionals.

What have we done? Throughout these years we have developed a wide variety of our own projects and commissions, our most successful projects being fiction feature films of the dramatic and historical genre. Achieving wide international distribution with some titles.