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Anaya Palace

Architecture and heritage


The Anaya Palace is one of the few buildings in Salamanca in neoclassical style. Its most striking elements are the façade and the imperial staircase inside the palace, where there is also an interesting bust of Miguel de Unamuno, made by Victorio Macho in 1930. The main façade has a large portico with four columns topped with a pediment and a staircase; protruding at the top of the building is a large heraldic shield; the ten windows on the lower floor have beautiful bars and there are ten other balconies on the upper floor. The Anaya Palace currently houses the Faculty of Philology of the University of Salamanca.

Address: Plaza de Zamora

Town: Salamanca

Province: Salamanca

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Salamanca Film Commission

Enrique Cantabrana

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Languages spoken: Español, Inglés