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Bonilla de la Sierra Castle

Architecture and heritage

Castle, Historic heritage

The primitive castle took advantage of two sections of the wall with three of its towers, of varied floor plans and periods. The core of the castle was the current keep from the 14th century, with machicolations and semicircular arch windows, under which is the Artillery Courtyard, onto which the rooms of the building overlooked. Inside there are remains of paintings from the 14th century. Resting place of the prelates of the bishopric of Ávila, in which they convened episcopal synods as in 1384. The town was fortified with a wall by Bishop Sancho Dávila in the 14th century.

Address: Calle Río, 1

Town: Bonilla de la Sierra

Province: Ávila

Contact details:

Avila Film Office

Carmen Mateos

+34 920 350 000

Languages spoken: Español, Inglés