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Buen Amor Castle

Architecture and heritage

Castle, Historic heritage, Hotel, Inn

The Buen Amor Castle is a spectacular hotel in Villanueva de Cañedo-Topas that is part of an old military fortress from the 11th century and which was later converted into a palace house in the 15th century. Stone and Gothic-Renaissance art are evident in this castle, an asset of cultural interest since 1931. A historical cultural heritage of the region and the province of Salamanca where select clients will be able to access practically all the rooms of the fortress, distinguishing its large Imperial Suite, the donjon, a stay of authentic luxury that constitutes the most historically important element of the entire hotel infrastructure.

Address: Carretera N-630, km 317,6

Town: Villanueva de Cañedo

Province: Salamanca

Contact details:

Salamanca Film Commission

Enrique Cantabrana

+34 923 272 408

Languages spoken: Español, Inglés