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Fabio Nelli Palace

Architecture and heritage

Historic center, Historic heritage, Palaces, Public buildings

The admirable Fabio Nelli Palace, an outstanding example of Renaissance architecture, symbolizes the power and wealth of its builder, the Valladolid banker Fabio Nelli de Espinosa, and his wife Violante de Rivadeneira. Its classicist façade with two towers frames a square full of palaces, convents and Renaissance churches. The ornate entrance, inspired by the Roman triumphal arch, presents iconographic symbols of legends and allegorical beings that reflect the taste of the society of the time, following Neoplatonic thought. The interior offers a sequential route into the halls, highlighting the visual connection between the patio and the staircase, and the opulence of the building and its owner.

Address: Paseo Acera de Recoletos, s/n

Town: Valladolid

Province: Valladolid

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