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HIstoric General Library of the University of Salamanca

Architecture and heritage

Historic heritage, Library, Public buildings

The Library of the University of Salamanca is located in the historic center of Salamanca, in the upper cloister of the Escuelas Mayores Building. It consists of the Old Bookstore (16th-18th centuries) and a more modern area (late 19th century) dedicated to warehouses, administrative and technological premises and a researchers' room. Its elegant entrance leads to a welcoming interior with spacious reading areas and quiet study rooms. The shelves are filled with old books and documents, creating an atmosphere of wonder and respect for knowledge. From its windows, one can enjoy panoramic views of the university's historic buildings and cobblestone streets: a place that transcends time.

Address: Calle Libreros, s/n

Town: Salamanca

Province: Salamanca

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Salamanca Film Commission

Enrique Cantabrana

+34 923 27 24 08

Languages spoken: Español, Inglés