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Juan Bravo Theater

Architecture and heritage

Historic heritage, Theater

The Juan Bravo Theater is located in the Plaza Mayor of Segovia. It is integrated into the square itself, forming an urban complex of great interest. Its layout in the style of Italian baroque theaters, with the central hall in the shape of a horseshoe, is one of its characteristics. Its organization presents three successive spaces arranged on the east-west axis: the rectangular lobby, with two access stairs to the upper floors, the horseshoe-shaped room, with stalls and narrow boxes of wooden slabs supported by columns of castings that run along the perimeter of the wall and the stage with substantially square proportions, detailed in detail.

Address: Plaza Mayor, 9

Town: Segovia

Province: Segovia

Contact details:

Segovia Film Office

Rosa Portillo

+34 921 460 354

Languages spoken: Español, Inglés