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Lagoons of Villafáfila

Landscape and nature

Nature park, Salt marsh, Swamp, Wetlands

The Villafáfila Lagoons Natural Reserve is located in the heart of the natural region of Tierra de Campos and has an area of 32,682 hectares. The landscape is eminently flat, with gentle elevations (tesos) that do not exceed 700 meters above sea level, between clay fields where endless dryland cereal crops and patches of oak forest in vast plains predominate. It is one of the Spanish wetlands included in the "List of Wetlands of International Importance".

Address: Lagunas de Villafáfila

Town: Tierra de Campos

Province: Zamora

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Castilla y León Film Commission

Kristine Guzmán

+34 983 376 405

Languages spoken: Español, Inglés

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