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Quadruple Lock of the Canal de Castilla

Infrastructures and transport


Among the most important constructions of the Canal de Castilla are the locks, built to overcome the unevenness of the terrain and facilitate navigation, which also served to join two sections at different heights, and the docks, built in stone and used for loading and unloading. goods. The Quadruple Lock represents one of the most important enclaves of the Canal, as it contains the largest set of locks of the three branches. With them, the biggest difference in level of the route is overcome, just over 14 meters. In this area is the lock keeper's house, which has been rehabilitated as a tourist information point for the municipality. In addition, there is the lock bridge and a hydroelectric plant. The tourist boat “Juan de Homar” is located here.

Address: Canal de Castilla

Town: Frómista

Province: Palencia

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