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Riofrío de Riaza

Landscape and nature, Non-urban spaces

Forest, Mountain, Reservoir, Town

Riofrío de Riaza in located in the Sierra de Ayllón. It is the highest town in the province of Segovia, 1,312 meters above sea level. In its municipal area is the Riaza River reservoir that supplies the town of Riaza, and the Hayedo de la Pedrosa, one of the most beautiful natural sites in the province, widely visited during the autumn months. It was a town well known for the high quality of its potatoes, of which some family gardens are still cultivated.

Address: Riofrío de Riaza

Town: Riofrío de Riaza

Province: Segovia

Contact details:

Segovia Film Commission

Sofía Collazo

+34 921 466 070

Languages spoken: Español, Inglés

Filmed here

Carlos Saura