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Santa Clara Convent

Architecture and heritage

Church, Historic heritage, Monastery

Convent founded in the mid-14th century by María de Padilla, private of King Pedro I of Castile. The monumental complex is made up of the church (a Gothic-Mudejar style temple in which its coffered ceiling and the main Renaissance altarpiece with paintings attributed to Juan de Villoldo stand out), the conventual rooms distributed around a porticoed courtyard of Castilian style and of which beautiful façades with Mudejar plasterwork are still preserved, the home of María de Padilla, and the palace of Pedro I, with an elegant façade of Islamic shapes and rooms decorated with alfarjes and plasterwork.

Address: Calle María de Padilla, 2

Town: Astudillo

Province: Palencia

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Castilla y León Film Commission

Kristine Guzmán

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Languages spoken: Español, Inglés