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Sierra Norte de Guadarrama Natural Park

Landscape and nature

Forest, Lake, Mountain, Nature park

The National Park is located between the provinces of Segovia and Madrid and covers an area of 33,960 hectares belonging to the Autonomous Communities of Castilla y León (12,246 hectares) and Madrid (21,714 hectares). It is a landscape dominated by the power of the great mountain ridge and the abundance of Scots pine forests that cover its slopes, as well as the presence of oak forests, holm oaks and juniper forests in the lower areas, providing shelter to an important fauna of exceptional value, with some of the most emblematic species of the Iberian Peninsula such as the Iberian imperial eagle, the black vulture or the black stork.

Address: Parque Natural Sierra Norte de Guadarrama

Town: Segovia

Province: Segovia

Contact details:

Segovia Film Commission

Sofía Collazo

+34 921 466 070

Languages spoken: Español, Inglés