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Valle de Amblés y Sierra de Ávila

Landscape and nature

Forest, Mountain, Mountain range, Valley

The towns spread throughout the Adaja River Valley are really rich in pastures for the region's livestock. Hence the renowned name of those who dedicate their activity to the meat industry, to the manufacture and curing of sausages and hams. Holm oaks, poplars, hazelnuts, elms and oaks grow in the meadows of this area. The farthest towns in the so-called Sierra de Ávila are clear witnesses of the prominence of stone, the fundamental and irreplaceable basis of the unique mountain architecture.

Address: Valle de Amblés y Sierra de Ávila

Town: Ávila

Province: Ávila

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Avila Film Office

Carmen Mateos

+34 920 350 000

Languages spoken: Español, Inglés