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Viejo Molino de Cela

Non-urban spaces

Country house, Mills

The Viejo Molino Cela is a 17th century water mill located in the plain of the Tuerto River. Located on the outskirts of Nistal de la Vega, 4 km from the city of Astorga and 45 km from León. Currently, it has been rehabilitated as a rural hotel, with a nostalgic philosophy from the romantic era and with a very particular creative spirit. Its renovation maintains maximum fidelity to the original building, using primary materials and tradicional techniques. Antique furniture and some ethnic elements are spread throughout the classic living room, the library or bedrooms overlooking the river. The water delimits the property and the abundant riverside vegetation that has remained in a natural state for decades.

Address: Nistal de la Vega

Town: Nistal de la Vega

Province: León

Contact details:

Castilla y León Film Commission

Kristine Guzmán

+34 983 376 405

Languages spoken: Español, Inglés

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