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Castilla y León Film Commission has organized a fam trip with international location managers to promote the Community as a filming destination


The activity is part of the Shooting Locations Marketplace, organized by the Valladolid Fair together with the Spain Film Commission, and which has been sponsored by the Council of Culture, Tourism and Sports of the Government of Castilla y León, in its commitment to support the audiovisual sector and attract productions in the Community.

The fam trip organized by the Castilla y León Film Commission has had the participation of a total of ten film and advertising producers/scouts/location managers from Spain, the United States, Mexico, Canada and Wales, accompanied by a representative of the Fair of Valladolid and by the technician of the Castilla y León Film Commission, Kristine Guzmán. For four days, the group had the opportunity to see first-hand some of the most notable locations in Castilla y León.

Locations visited

The trip took them to the provinces of Zamora, León, Palencia and Segovia. Among the locations visited, we can highlight the Bullfighting ring (Toro, Zamora), the Ramos Carrión Theater (Zamora), the Light Factory (Ponferrada, León), the city of León with its historic center and contemporary buildings such as the MUSAC and the Congress and Exhibitions Palace, the towns of Astudillo, Carrión de los Condes and Astudillo (Palencia), the Provincial Council and Cathedral of Palencia, Pedraza (Segovia), the historical heritage of Segovia such as the Cathedral, the Episcopal Palace and the Aqueduct, and the old prison of Segovia.

These familiarization trips are a good opportunity to disseminate what a place can offer in terms of unique destinations and the infrastructure and services available in a place so that they can be considered in future audiovisual projects.