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Castilla y León Film Commission participates in the General Assembly of the Spain Film Commission


Last Thursday, November 26, the Castilla y León Film Commission participated in the General Assembly of the Spain Film Commission. The event was held at the Casa de la Panadería of the Madrid City Council, attended by 39 of the 43 members that make up the association.

In the meeting that was convened in accordance with the provisions of art. 16 of the statutes of the Spain Film Commission and by order of the President, the following topics were discussed:

1. Constitution of the Assembly

2. Registration and cancellation of members

3. Report of the President and Board of Directors

– Report on activities carried out in the last financial year

– Proposed action plan for the next work period

– Examination of accounts and budgets

4. Requests and Questions

5. Appointment of auditors for the approval of the minutes of the Assembly.

Among the many topics that were discussed, the spenditure of the funds granted by the EU to the Spain Film Commission stands out, which includes the expenses generated in visits to national and international fairs, the Shooting Locations Marketplace held in Valladolid or the next project to be launched through the Spain Screen Grand Tour, aimed at promoting screen tourism.