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Elia Diez Robertson


Art Assistant propsist / Art Carpentry / Art Decoration / Art Decoration assistant / Art Propsist / Art Staging / Art Staging assistant / Costume. Costume assistant / Production. Production assistant

City: Barruelo de Santullán (Palencia)

Province: Palencia

Contact details:

Elia Diez Robertson

+34 634 409 769

Languages spoken: Español, Inglés

Other languages served: euskera, catalán

So that you know me a little, in 2021 I graduated in Audiovisual Communication at the University of the Basque Country and then I went to Barcelona to study a master’s degree in Art Direction at ESCAC which ended last June. Here, I touched all the branches of the art department such as art direction, assistantship, setting, setting assistant, props, management and construction (carpentry and painting).

Aside from the classes and practicum of the master’s degree, I took the opportunity to participate in other short films that were filmed in Catalonia. Since then I have continued participating in different projects in Barcelona and starting in November, in Euskadi.

Last November I worked for the first time in the feature film “Cuatro Paredes” by Mundo Cero as Art Director. I worked as a prop buyer, setting assistant and prop assistant. At the beginning of this year I also worked as a fixed reinforcement production assistant on the feature films “Sin Instrucciones” produced by Basque Films and La Pepa Films and “La Infiltrada” produced by Bowfinger International Pictures.
I want to continue contributing with my work in new productions also in Castilla y León, which is a land that has been very present throughout my life.