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Centro de Innovación y Desarrollo Empresarial (CIDE) (Segovia)

Cities and urban spaces

Business center, Contemporary building

Located at the entrance to the city of Segovia, this building has a compact volume of white reinforced concrete, under a sloping roof. Internally, it is organized into two overlapping levels: the lower one, which contains the ground floor and the first floor, dedicated to the public uses of the building (reception, auditorium, cafeteria, multipurpose rooms...). The two floors are connected to each other through the living-lab access space that is presented in continuity with the plaza, where a double conical vault runs along the building longitudinally from the main entrance, maintaining visual continuity with the access dome. The upper level houses the last two floors and contains the more private spaces.

Address: Calle Campos de Castilla

Town: Segovia

Province: Segovia

Contact details:

Segovia Film Office

Rosa Portillo

+34 921 460 354

Languages spoken: Español, Inglés