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Sierra Pambley Museum

Architecture and heritage, Cities and urban spaces

Museums, Palaces, Period house

The Sierra Pambley Museum is located in the Plaza de la Catedral de León, in an old mansion from the 19th century. The visitor can tour the home of a rich owner; a good example of a bourgeois house, which unites the memories of two important families of Leonese nobility with the innovations incorporated by an enterprising man who was enthusiastic about the progress offered by the scientific and technical advances of his time. The visitor can also approach his work, the Sierra Pambley Foundation, which offered education to children and young people with fewer resources and promoted pedagogical renewal.

Address: Pl. de Regla, 4

Town: León

Province: León

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Castilla y León Film Commission

Kristine Guzmán

+34 983 376 405

Languages spoken: Español, Inglés