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The House of Smoke

Architecture and heritage


This house located in the town of Lois, of archaic construction, is today a benchmark for sustainable construction. Made of stone and wood and covered with straw, it used resources from the environment and construction techniques typical of the mountain area. It receives its name from the smoke that rose from the fire lit on the floor of the main room and that accumulated on the ceilings and walls of the house where it sought an exit to the outside, forming small blackened stalactites. The rehabilitation has preserved the architectural typology, with access to housing, warehouses and stables on the ground floor, and the bedroom and multifunctional space for living room, home and oven on the first floor.

Address: Lois

Town: Crémenes

Province: León

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Castilla y León Film Commission

Kristine Guzmán

+34 983 376 405

Languages spoken: Español, Inglés