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Villa Romana La Olmeda

Architecture and heritage

Historic heritage, Museums

The chance appearance of a small Roman bronze piece while plowing some fields led to the discovery, in 1968, of the archaeological site of La Olmeda. The excavations have brought to light a large rural villa from the end of the Roman Empire. The archaeological site is organized into four naves, both covering and structure, that surround the town. They rest on metal pillars that avoid the archaeological remains. The structural problem is addressed from a cellularly organized space in which the roof is the protagonist. The interior is presented as a large continuous enclosure, within which the different elements that must constitute the program are integrated, without breaking this continuity, as autonomous pieces under the single roof.

Address: Carretera CL 615, Km. 55, PP-2420, Km. 0

Town: Pedrosa de la Vega

Province: Palencia

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