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Royal Site La Granja de San Ildefonso

Architecture and heritage, Non-urban spaces

Historic heritage, Museums, Palaces

The Royal Site of La Granja de San Ildefonso, declared a Monumental Historical Site, is one of the best examples of the monarchical splendor of the 18th century. Philip V, the first Bourbon to reign in Spain, fell in love with this beautiful place back in 1717. Such was his “infatuation” that he decided to build a palace and gardens there adorned with sculptures and fountains that would remind him of his childhood at the French court of his grandfather Louis XIV.

Address: Plaza España, 15

Town: Real Sitio de San Ildefonso

Province: Segovia

Contact details:

Segovia Film Commission

Sofía Collazo

+34 912 466 070

Languages spoken: Español, Inglés

Filmed here

Daniel Écija (Creador), Manu Gómez, Laura M. Campos, Álvaro Vicario, Luis Arribas, Juan Gil, Marcos Hernández Asensio, Jacobo Martos
Daniel Calparsoro
José Manuel Lorenzo (Creador), Rafa Montesinos, David Ulloa
Mary McGuckian
Chen Chi-Hwa, Jackie Chan
Vicente Florindo
Miguel Conde, Javier Pulido, Eva Bermúdez, Alberto Pernet, David Paricio Burtin, Carlos Navarro Ballesteros
Sergio Leone
John Milius
Franklin J. Schaffner